Damaging Winds Likely Through Wednesday Evening

Winds continue to howl as this strong storm system we’ve been highlighting for over a week rolls through the Great Lakes. NIPSCO is reporting nearly 12,000 households without power as of Wednesday morning as winds have already gusted to 45 mph across the Region. So let’s talk how much longer this lasts and when they’ll subside.

Our strongest winds will occur from noon through 6-7pm this evening as this low strengthens and moves northeast. We’ll remain windy tonight, but gusts will begin to subside as we head into the early morning hours of Thanksgiving. Peak gusts Wednesday afternoon will likely be in the 60+ mph range near the lakeshore, and in the 50+ mph range inland.


Beach erosion and lakeshore flooding will be common in those typically flood prone locations, especially in Porter and La Porte counties as the wind veers from west to west-northwest by afternoon.


Temps will continue to tumble as well with 40s giving way to 30s and eventually 20s tonight. We’re not expecting much in the way of precip from here on out as the bulk of the moisture is now out of the Region.


A few more hours to go of wind and then we’ll say goodbye to this storm and start planning for the next this weekend!


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  1. We are thankful for your always informative, always upbeat, always professional, and expertly accurate weather forecasts for our area, Matt. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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