SNOW CHECK: Great Lakes Snow Next 10 Days

Our relatively quiet weather pattern continues over the next few days as another arctic blast of record-cold air skims us to the north. This dose of cold will target New England bringing snow and cold to the northeastern US. For us, we settle in a tranquil spot on the weather map with our next system of concern slated for Sunday (doesn’t look like much) and next Thursday-ish.

In the meantime, it doesn’t hurt to check on the snowfall forecast for the Great Lakes to see if there are any systems to watch. What we typically look for are heavier areas of snow that pass just north or south of the Region–as they can change with updated model forecasts.

Checking the latest Euro through Nov 25th:


Not a whole lot to write home about. We should have some rain at some point during the middle of next week with likely colder air behind it, but the Euro isn’t thrilled about our snow chances.

Let’s check the Canadian model–something we do for fun:


The Canadian model tends to lean snow-heavy and brings a few systems, including an interesting Thanksgiving week storm system through the Great Lakes. This would lead to a bit more of an active pattern a week from now.

Finally, the longer range GFS (or American) model. This goes all the way into Thanksgiving week. Take day 7 and beyond with a grain of salt:


This paints a quiet picture in the near term with a few interesting storms to watch next weekend into Thanksgiving week.

That’s it for now, will continue to update you if we see something in the long term that looks impactful!

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