Next Week’s Cold & Snow Chances

Much colder air will head south into the lower 48 Thursday and Friday of this week with a reinforcing shot of even colder air next week. At this point, the cold looks impressive even for this time of year with temps running some 20 to as much as 40 degrees below average for portions of the eastern US.

Notice the two main waves of cold–the first heads in later this week and the second, more impressive wave, targets the US Monday-Thursday of next week:


Here’s a look at how far above or below average temps will likely be. Blue and green are temps below average whereas the deep purples are temps WAY below average:nextweekcold2

In terms of snowfall, we don’t see any major snows locally. The lake effect machine will be cranking Thursday into Friday in Michigan with a renewed and potentially significant lake effect snow event next week as the cold spills in from the north–but again, all of it looks to stay east of here. We’ll have to watch the tail end of the event during the middle of next week as the winds shift around. We could have a lake effect snow band impact areas of La Porte and Porter counties–but WAY too early to get specific as things will likely change. Let’s look at some maps.

Here’s the Euro total snowfall through next week:


The GFS or American model is a bit more bullish, especially east:


Finally, the Canadian model is generous as well, but as with all the models, the bulk of the snow stays away from NW Indiana with no major storms in the extended. Just cold!


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