Fall-like Now, Heat Potential Returns

Enjoy our brief taste of fall-like weather today. Yesterday’s cold front has left us with a nice breeze and much lower humidity. It’s in the 50s just to our west this morning, 60s for most of us as the front continues to clear the Region. Regardless, we’ll get into a beautiful pattern today with high pressure setting in.

We’ll see a seasonable week ahead, but all indications point towards another strong ridge in the Tennessee Valley later this week into the weekend. This will bring back record, or near-record heat to a good portion of the eastern US later this weekend into the beginning of next week if it holds true. Let’s take a look.

The CPC highlights the heat potential over the next 8-14 days in their outlook:


Putting some potential numbers on it (we’re 7-10 days out from this, so don’t get too tied to numbers, but just notice the trend)

Here’s Sunday:






And you can’t help but notice the SHARP temp change coming in from the west. (It’s fall afterall!). We could see a powerful cold front, likely with strong to severe storms as that 40 degree air cuts into the 90 degree air. Wow! It advances east by mid week:


It’s interesting to note, this HEAT in the eastern US is usually balanced. In this case, the western US will be dealing with well BELOW average temps. They’ll be seeing some decent mountain snow–western Canada too! This will continue to lay the foundation for what could be a cold winter ahead (more on that in a future post)!

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