Active Tropics Right On Cue

The tropical Atlantic is rather active as it should be as we’re right in the smack middle of the “peak” of hurricane season. Here’s the latest as of Thursday morning:nhc

Imelda continues to soak Texas as a tropical depression. Over 20 inches of rain have fallen in parts of the state! Imelda will continue to weaken, but move slowly as the main jetstream is well to the north, so there’s not much to drive Imelda out of Texas.

Humberto is a category 3 as it continues out to sea–it clipped Bermuda over the last 24 hours with strong winds and high waves, but the threat will now head out into the open Atlantic away from any land.


The next storm to watch is soon-to-be hurricane Jerry with impacts potentially being felt in the Caribbean. Our cold front that will pass this weekend will actually help steer Jerry north and then northeast as we begin next week. jerry

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