Severe Weather, Blizzard, High Winds, Oh My!

This weekend’s major winter storm continues to develop in the southern Plains and will head northeastward this afternoon into the evening. This powerful storm will produce severe weather including tornadoes on the warm side, blizzard conditions on the cold side, and damaging winds for a large portion of the Great Lakes. Phew! Let’s dive into the details on what’s in store for us locally.

Showers ramp up this afternoon with passing downpours this evening into tonight:


Here’s a look at what the radar could look like around 11pm–more organized rain just ahead of the cold front is likely. These will likely be in the form of thunderstorms with the potential to create some strong winds. Notice temps surge this evening just ahead of the front:


Front goes by overnight and we turn WINDY and colder by the hour Sunday. We’ll likely see some flakes fly as the cold air moves in–accumulations look light.


Look at the snow adding up on the cold side of this storm. A stripe of snow in the 6-12 inch range is likely from Iowa to Wisconsin. Combined with the 40-50mph winds–they’ll easily see blizzard conditions there. Not for us!


Our big story is the WIND. It gets breezy later today and downright windy overnight all the way through Sunday.

Around midnight with the front:


Sunday morning wind gusts:


Gusts still over 40 mph at times all the way through Sunday evening:


This wind won’t just be for us, the entirety of the Great Lakes region will see strong, potentially damaging winds as this low gets cranking.


We’ll have a special webcast for you later this evening to update you on the storm. Stay tuned!

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