Massive Winter Storm Brings Impacts From Colorado To The East Coast

Sick of winter yet? Here we go again. The same pattern we’ve been in for the last 3 weeks continues to bring large storm systems from the southwest through the Plains and Ohio Valley–each of which bring their fair share of snow, icy travel, and flooding rains. This latest storm is very large geographically and will stretch from Colorado to the east coast before it exits late Thursday! Look at the large coverage of winter storm watches and warnings and winter weather advisories. Wow:


The storm is already well organized and the most impressive part is the AMOUNT of moisture with it:


All of this moisture is getting thrown into colder air to the north–and as we know all too well–this creates problems in terms of snow, freezing rain, sleet, and all around icy travel. Let’s time this out:


Let’s begin overnight. Snow will overspread the area tonight from south to north. We should have good coverage on radar by 4am despite the dry air we have in place right now:


By the time the morning rush rolls around, our snow will become mixed with or change over to freezing rain or sleet. We will likely see some holes in the radar where nothing at all is happening–the freezing rain looks to be scattered and not a large, well-organized area on radar–this is good news and should limit our icing. Slick spots? Yes. Huge ice storm? No.


Warmer air will continue to filter into this system and we should be in the clear by late morning into the midday as temps warm above freezing. I think our model is running a bit too cold with the numbers.


We’ll stay on the mild side with showers through the afternoon. No travel worries beyond the morning hours.

Let’s chat snow. We’re not looking for a lot. It will likely be a wet snow and may come down at a decent clip at times…but an inch or two at best is what we’re expecting. In terms of ice accumulation, it doesn’t look to be anything too impressive either. Any ice that does form will be melting off through lunchtime.


While this storm will impact a large portion of the US, we’re really in a good spot to escape the worst of this storm–the bulk of the energy will be heading east of us with flooding rains well south and heaviest accumulating snow northwest of us.

We’ll have updates for you as needed tomorrow!

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