First Cold Snap, Snow Possible Late Week

It’s only a matter of time. Any of us that have lived in the Midwest long enough know the inevitable is coming. Before the holiday season, it’s “festive”. After the holiday season…well that’s another story!

This week will feature a storm track that develops several large storm systems, each of which will be massive wind producers with warm, humid air on the east side and cold, dry air on the west side. Let’s first talk temps, timing, and impacts here in NW Indiana.

Take a look at our temperature pattern Monday. We’re in the “warmer” part of system developing to our southwest with 50s for highs. Notice the colder air building to our northwest into Canada.


By mid-week, that cold air REALLY builds. 10s and 20s are common for much of southern Canada and the upper Midwest.


Here it comes…oh boy. This is late week. These are highs. Barely 30.


And then a reinforcing shot of cold air next week. Again, this is fantasy land when it comes to weather models, but it’s interesting to see that this cold continues and doesn’t relax.


If you watched our Saturday Region webcast, we chatted about the track of the late week low–we’ll either see all rain, or rain changing over to snow. Models have briefly flipped over to a snowier solution–but it will likely go back and forth this week until we get closer to the event. Here’s the projected snow path as of today (Sunday):


And then early next week we have another potential system (clipper system) that brings more snow to the Midwest. Maybe.



We have MUCH colder air in NWI later this week into the beginning of next week. We’ll likely see our first flakes of snow–whether we get a good dose of moisture in here during the cold remains to be seen–but the potential is there for accumulating snow at some point late this week through early next week. Stay tuned!

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