A Hot & Humid Start To September

As we roll into the first few days of meteorological Fall, you’d expect the way things go here in NWI that Mother Nature wouldn’t follow suit. And sure enough, we’re in for another bout of heat and humidity that will make it feel more like mid-summer around these parts.

It’s all courtesy of another strong ridge that develops off the east coast. This one will have some staying power as a few frontal systems will try to move east–but it’ll act like a big ole brick wall and will hold in place for at least the next 5-7 days.


The ridge doesn’t move much this weekend and actually builds a bit west towards the Region. The result will be increasingly warmer temps.


Let’s look at the middle of next week. Hmm…nothing’s changed.


Hmm. Is our graphic stuck? No, it’s just the same pattern all the way through late next week…


One of the problems with these large, slow-moving ridges is that on the top of them you have the battlezone between cooler air and the hot and humid air. The result is typically a “ring” of showers and storms along the top of the ridge. When this pattern doesn’t move much, you get days of heavy rain and storms where that cooler air meets the warm air–likely setting up just to our northwest this week. Flooding rains can be expected from Iowa to Wisconsin once again if this pattern holds up.


In terms of local temps, we’re likely to get right back into the upper 80s to lower 90s despite our lowering sun angle. If that “ring” of storms sinks south at all, we could get some relief with those showers and storms moving over our area–we’ll have to wait and see. Models have a poor handle on exactly where the storms set up each day in this type of pattern.


And finally, let’s take a look at how humid it will feel. Yuck. We’re in for a sultry week ahead with little relief in sight.


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