Heat Returns With Some Staying Power Next Week

Enjoy the cooler, drier air the next few days because summer will come roaring back next week and it looks to stick around for awhile. It’s all courtesy of a large ridge that looks to set up over the central and eastern half of the US bringing that good ole “heat dome” back into the forecast. Let’s take a look.

It all starts with the jetstream–the driver of weather systems and airmasses. The next few days we’ll have an unseasonably strong flow from the northwest. This will deliver our drier, cooler air from Canada Wednesday and Thursday.jet1

By late in the weekend and the beginning of next week, there is growing consensus that a ridge will begin to establish itself over the southern Plains bringing warmer air to the Region.


This ridge REALLY gets going and will be tough to move as we go through next week. The result will likely be several days in the 90s.


Something to keep in mind–along the northern periphery of this ridge will be those “ridge-riding” thunderstorms. If this boundary sets up anywhere close to us, we could see a fairly unsettled pattern with several stormy days. Those are details we’ll work out over the coming days.

Temps look like this–refreshingly cooler across the Great Lakes the next few days…


Then look at the widespread heat develop by Monday:


Yikes! This sure looks summer-like! This is 4 days later by Thursday. That ridge isn’t going anywhere:


Thankfully we have our refreshing airmass to enjoy the next few days–extra important that you get out and enjoy!

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