Heating Up This Weekend

After our relatively cooler end to July, August will start with a brief stint of heat with temps likely on their way to the 90s. Let’s take a look at the setup…

We’ve had a trough over the Midwest for a few days bringing us cooler than average temps and essentially cutting off any sources of extreme heat:


A strong bermuda high in the Atlantic has a dome of warmth above it–this will begin to build WEST over the weekend. The result will set us up with a connection to the hot temps to our south–and they’ll build north into the Region instead of being “cut off”:


By the weekend, the dome of heat continues to slide west with the hottest temps south of us (as usual), but we’ll get grazed by some 90 degree temps, perhaps reaching into the low and mid 90s in a few spots:


It doesn’t look to have much staying power this time as the ridge builds back to the west and we bring in another dose of seasonably comfortable air from the northwest. This could change as we’re now in the 7-10 day range but it’s something to consider:


This particular model keeps the comfortable air around through next weekend. Again, something to consider, but not to hold 100% accountable this far out!


Here’s how the temps may shape up over the next few days:


Finally, as far as humidity is concerned, we’ll likely stay on the seasonably sticky side through next week as no real push of DRY air will move through–it looks to stay to our west and north through at least mid-week:


The moral of the story will be a brief stint with 90 degree heat over the weekend and a return to 70s and 80s beyond the weekend. No super-comfortable airmasses will move in, but we don’t look to have a long stretch of extreme heat either!

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