Summer Heat Returns Because, Well, It’s Summer

Another ridge will build over the central and southern Plains with a building dome of heat that will once again expand eastward into the Region. Just when you started to miss them, 90 degree temps will head back into NWI later this week into the weekend. Here’s the setup:

Nothing out of the ordinary today. Typical heat to the south and cooler north:

By this weekend, however, that ridge is well established and 90s and 100s will develop in the Plains:

A front will try to shave off the northern fringe by early next week:

We stay on the warm and humid side for 4th of July as of now but the bulk of the 90s and 100s shift south and west:

This map shows temps vs average–so the darker the red the hotter it’ll be compared to average for that geographical area. In this example it’s no big deal for areas of the south (typically the case) but we’re talking a decent dose of heat for the Upper Midwest:

As the heat moves east, it’ll be a big deal for the northeastern US and they’ll complain about it for a day:

Finally as we put some model numbers on this, here’s a look at Friday:

And Saturday:

And a real early look at 4th of July:

Summary: it’s summer!

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