Friday Night Snow Update:

Our anticipated storm system is already developing that narrow band of moisture from Minnesota through Illinois and that trend will continue as it slowly shifts east. Our storm hasn’t shifted much with the latest model runs so our forecast remains the same with a few tweaks to the numbers. Let’s get right to it:


Still predicting a non-event for Lake, Porter, and La Porte counties. A few models are hanging on to some snowfall–which could happen–but accumulation isn’t in our forecast. It’ll be a close call. I think Newton and Jasper Counties will see some snow, perhaps mixed with rain at times at the beginning and end of the event. We may have some slushy travel–but as far as major impacts–I’m not seeing it. I think the bulk of this storm will be just south of the Region for two reasons:

1) still thinking dry air is being underdone on the models…which will erode a bit of the precip in our northern counties

2) if rain does mix in at times, it will drastically cut the models predictions of 6+ inches of snow. I think the possibility is there for some rain to mix in at first and once the precip moves out. Evaporational cooling will likely keep it all snow during the peak of the storm…


This is what makes this storm tricky! Your phone apps run off of computer models–that way no human has to touch it. If your phone app says a major storm is on the way, it’s connected to the NAM! I’m not drinking the NAM Koolaid at this point…

Enjoy your Friday evening, I’ll be glued to this storm as it GRAZES the Region and will pass along any updates on the FB Page!

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