St. Patrick’s Day Weather a Treat As Long As You Sleep In

Clouds will increase during the day Friday with the approach of our next storm system from the west. Moisture will spread into the Region overnight Friday into early Saturday morning and with temps near the freezing mark–we’ll have some precip problems…

Let’s take a closer look. I wanted to look at not just the futurecast, but I’ve also attached the projected snow (white number) and ice (pink number) accumulations. Here’s Saturday morning around 3AM:


By 6AM, the moisture moves into most of NWI says our model with a mix of snowflakes and some freezing rain and sleet. The good news, the precip won’t last too long.rw2

This wave begins to move out during your St. Patrick’s Day morning with a possible changeover to light snow before clearing out.rw3

Look at that! (or don’t!) If you sleep in Saturday morning, you may miss all the action! Looks to be outta here by noon.


Total predicted snow and ice accumulations:


These amounts are very light. Snowfall under andinch and ice accumulations of a glazing to a light coating at best. Don’t get me wrong, this could cause some problems on untreated roads early Saturday–but during the late morning through early afternoon–any problems will quickly fade!

We’ll keep you updated!

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