A Way Too Early Look At St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

The luck of the Irish may be with us late next week if you’re in the mood for another dose of spring-like temps. Let’s take a quick look at what we’re seeing 7-10 days from now…

I’ve seen rather consistent signs that the same area of high pressure that brings cold weather to the Region early next week will transition east and SIT for a few days. This would allow a prolonged flow out of the southwest–where it’s much warmer–and as a result we would see a nice warm up for more than one day!


Here are the resulting temps. Remember this is just a model–don’t get tied to the numbers, get tied to the trend of a warm up. This is next Thursday–50s.


Here is next Friday. Potential 60s???


Finally, here is St. Patrick’s Day itself. A cold front looks to end our party sometime next weekend but indications are we’ll still be warm (and windy) out ahead of it. Perhaps 60s to near 70?


It’s certainly possible this time of year! If you remember back to March 2012 when we hit 80 or near 80 for 6 straight days…

Stay tuned!

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