The drought monitor is updated on Thursdays and the latest shows we’ve put a dent in the drought across the Region. The yellow areas indicate “dry” conditions–or areas in which we could still use a few inches of rain to get back to average in the precipitation department.



Since June 1st, we’re still running over 4 inches below average in the rainfall department. While recent rainfall has helped, we’re still needing the rain as you get down into the middle and lower regions of our soil layer. The map below shows areas of Lake, Porter, and La Porte counties are the driest and have received only 50-80% of their “normal” rainfall.

Last 60 days


The map below shows the driest locations have been in Lake County from Merrillville to Schererville to Calumet to Gary. Another pocket of lower than average rainfall exists right over Valpo extending north towards Michigan City.

Last 90 days


We have a good shot at some decent rainfall with this weekend’s weather system and an inch or more is possible depending on how it shakes out. A punch of cool, Canadian air will arrive Monday, but we should be dry. Beyond that, a sprawling area of high pressure will settle into the area to begin next week. This will likely keep us sun-filled and dry for an extended period of time. I doubt anyone will be complaining, however, as our temps look to be extremely comfortable next week–likely in the upper 60s to mid 70s!

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