Turning Cooler Late Week

New sponsor alert! As cold weather approaches, you’ll probably begin to daydream about warmer climates. This is where Discovery Travel comes into play! They do EVERYTHING for you when planning and trying to execute a vacation and they’ll find you the absolute best prices. With a team from right here in the Region, they get it! We appreciate them joining our team of local sponsors with Region Weather! Please give them some love! In terms of the love we’ve been getting from Mother Nature, we’ll see some changes in the near term….

A cold front is on the way to the Region and will bring the return of some much cooler air Wednesday night through the weekend. Out ahead of it, we’ll have increasing clouds today with some rain that moves in this afternoon and evening. A few thunderstorms are possible as well with highs in the low 70s before theĀ rain arrives. We’ll remain mild tonight and tomorrow with lows in the 60s and highs nearing 70 again Wednesday with waves of showers and dry hours in between. The front will pass late Wednesday and we’ll return to some sun, but breezy and cooler conditions on Thursday and Friday!

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