The Next 5 Days

Hello new 5 day forecast! Thanks Grieger’s Motor Sales for sponsoring! More dry hours than rainy hours this weekend, but we’ll still have a busy radar around the Region as a system moves through from the northwest. Attention then turns towards the heat next week as humidity and temps will soar Tuesday and Wednesday out ahead of our next front. On the front end of this, we could see a strong storm or two on Monday before the heat arrives.


  1. Hi Matt!! I was wondering if we are having severe weather on any evenings but you now work evenings will you still be able to keep us so well informed on our weather. I always loved how you would keep the radar up and you would tell us exactly where the storms are approaching.
    Please don’t get this question mistaken. I am very happy for your promotion. You definitely deserve that promotion and your first priority in your profession is your job and taking care of the tv station that you are working for. I didn’t know if someone else would help out while you are doing your own weather broadcast. I was just wondering, I can watch the radar to see what is coming my way. You just made us or me feel better knowing what weather is coming. Enjoy your weekend.


    • Hi Rhonda!

      Schedule shouldn’t change anything negatively, in fact, being around a radar at all times should actually help! Outside of our few broadcasts I’ll be able to break in during the off hours to help track storms! It’s my favorite part of the job! As always I appreciate your support!


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