Possible METEOR OUTBURST Tonight

It’s not a guarantee, but according to Region Weather friend and CSU Astronomer/professor Jay Reynolds, the potential is there for a meteor outburst tonight (5/30) into early Tuesday morning (5/31)

According to Jay, “Because a comet broke apart, in 1995, statistically, Earth will be traveling through this debris cloud, later today.

The former comet is listed in the comet database as 73P  (Schwassmann-Wachmann after it’s discoverers).

Orbital projections favor that a meteor shower could take place: TONIGHT (May 30) into early tomorrow morning.

If this occurs, the display could be VERY intense, possibly 1000 meteors per hour. But there’s a really good chance that nothing at all happens.

Meteor rates are hard to estimate and what makes this more complicated on if we’ll actually SEE it or not is that is all has to do with the speed of the debris. If it’s moving at 220mph or faster, we’ll be able to see the meteors. If it’s slower than 220mph then we’ll see nothing. Again, meteor rates are hard to estimate!

The timing for this is most favorable for North America, as we will be facing into the debris cloud.

(Much like driving through a cloud of bugs, your windshield needs cleaning afterwards.)

Find a clear area, no trees, no lights, in your direct line of site.

Best time is Monday evening 11:00pm – Tuesday 2:00am. 

It is worth the ‘Look”. “

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