Snow Total Map From Our Winter Storm

Lake effect finally came to an end during the early morning hours putting an official wrap on our winter storm. Thank you for all the snowfall reports on our Facebook Page–thanks to you, we were able to piece together this snow total map for the National Weather Service.

Our forecast of 5-9 inches for the entire Region remained unchanged in the 3 days prior to this event and we’re happy to say it verified nicely! This doesn’t always happen as winter storms, especially this one, are extremely complex. That’s why we also stress it’s not about the totals, it’s about the IMPACTS and the impacts with this storm held up to forecasts.


Here’s the map from the National Weather Service regarding storm totals from this event:

A regional view:


As you know, there was also a lot of rainfall at the onset of this storm system that caused flooding as it combined with the melting snow from our last storm system. We picked up anywhere from 1-1.5 inches of rain from this.


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