What You Need To Know About This Weekend’s Snowfall

This weekend’s snow will NOT be a blockbuster blizzard (as we’ve seen on a handful of random social media posts). This weekend’s snow will be, well, snowy. Annnnnd it will cause some impactful travel Saturday into early Sunday–but we’ve been here before and we can handle it. Right? Here is our list of things you need to know regarding this weekend’s snow.


A mix of rain and snow will transition to all snow Saturday morning.

Snow will pick up in intensity midday Saturday through the afternoon before becoming lighter through Saturday night. Areas close to the lake may see heavier snowfall rates Saturday evening-Saturday night due to lake effect/lake enhancement.

Lingering lake effect will quickly exit Sunday.


The snow will begin as a heavier, wet snow early Saturday through Saturday afternoon

By Saturday evening the snow should become fluffier causing blowing snow to become a factor


We’re expecting travel to become tricky by the early afternoon Saturday. Peak impacts in terms of visibility and snowfall will occur during the daylight hours Saturday.


We’re expecting the highest totals to come out of Lake and Porter counties where 4-8 inches are expected. Some localized spots near the lake could see higher totals if lake effect/lake enhancement remains consistent late Saturday into Sunday

Amounts will gradually lower as you head south and east. Newton and Jasper counties can expect 1-4 inches due to mixing precip types with highest amounts of snow in the northern portion of the counties. Starke and LaPorte counties will likely end up in the 2-6 inch range with highest amounts in LaPorte county closer to the lake.


We’re not expecting this storm to produce much in terms of freezing rain/sleet. Any icing would be confined to that “in between” area of Newton, Jasper, and Starke counties with a glaze at best. Precip type will be primarily rain to snow for the Region.


The coldest air of the season will move in Sunday into Monday with windchill values below zero and air temps in the 10s. Monday morning at the bus stop will be very cold so keep that in mind if your kiddos are heading back to school for in-person classes on Monday.

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