Halloween Weekend & Trick-or-Treat Forecast

Halloween weekend is upon us and we’ve had some scary forecasts in the past to include strong winds, storms, and even snow. Not this year. A departing storm system will provide leftover showers mainly early Saturday before skies gradually clear from west to east. Highs will reach into the mid and upper 50s.

On Halloween, we’ll see lots of sunshine and pleasant conditions. A few intervals of high clouds may float over later in the day with highs in the mid to upper 50s once again.

Trick-or-Treat looks great with cooling temps into the 40s and partly to mostly clear skies. Enjoy and don’t forget to say “Thank you” kids!

As we’ve mentioned, we’re turning MUCH cooler next week. Like November-like cool. And that makes completely sense because it’ll be, well, November.

Below you’ll see the upper air pattern–blues are where it’s typically cold enough to snow. Red shaded areas are the warmer air aloft where you typically have rain. There will be a large pool of cold air coming across the lakes with differing wind flows–should be enough to kick off some rain/snow showers at some point! We’ll finetune those details in our next update!

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