Hot & Humid Week Ahead

A large dome of heat will expand northeastward and encompass a good portion of the Great Lakes over the course of the week.

High temps will reach into the upper 80s and low 90s with the potential for a few mid 90s on Wednesday.

The wrench in the temperature forecast? Storm chances.

Much like we’ve seen over the past two months, clusters of storms will travel along the periphery of that dome of heat (where it meets up with the cooler air to the north). The result will be daily storm chances, none of which will be a slam dunk–each day will depend on where the larger storm clusters develop and end up from the day before.

That being said, if we see a round of storms move through during a morning or midday this week, temps will be cooler. If we don’t–we’ll have our heat! Here’s our forecast for the week ahead in temps:

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