A Look at the Pattern the Next 7 Days

Our cooler than average pattern looks to continue through the weekend into next week, but we’ll begin to see some moderation. Our average high temps are in the upper 60s and will reach 70 late next week. Our actual high temps, however, will not. I know we have mixed emotions on this cooler air–a lot of us are ready for spring-time warmth. The other half of us know the heat and humidity of summer is coming and this cool air is just fine for now. Either way, we’re stuck with it for now.

A big reason is the polar vortex has relaxed over the last few weeks. Instead of a tight jetstream of air keeping the polar air locked at the North Pole, it allows it to head south in a series of undulations that bring doses of cold air south into Canada and then the United States. Over the next week, the polar vortex will remain rather relaxed allowing cool air to continue to spill (in waves) into the US and other portions of the world. Here’s a birds-eye view:

The result will continue to be temps that are below-average—generally in the 50s and low 60s for us. Take a look at the next 7 days in terms of temps and how far above/below they are from average. Greens and blues are below average:

Last May was very similar with a cooler few weeks before we jumped right into summer the last week of the month. Highs were in the 50s and 60s before soaring into the mid to upper 80s and even low 90s to end the month. We’ll see if a similar pattern develops later this month! Until then, keep that AC rested!

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