Ahhh, meteorological Spring! You can smell the flowers, barbecues, and suntan lotion already! Okay, not quite yet, especially with the brief cold we had move through today.

BUT! Things are looking up. Every month we’ll take a look at the month ahead in terms of averages and daylight changes so you’ll know what we’re in for–at least climatologically!

Let’s get to know March!

We’ll start with average high temps which will see a nice rise going from 40 degrees to start the month to the low to mid 50s to end the month. Remember, this is just the mid-point. We typically see our first 70 degree temps this month.

Average lows also get a boost as they start out winter-like and end up, well, March-like:

While March is typically thought of as a rainy month, it’s actually not one of the rainest. April, May, and some of our drenching summer-time thunderstorms tend to produce more rain than March. Still, we begin to get involved with the Jetstream which brings more storm systems our way.

The feature you’ll notice most in March is our increase in daylight. Not only is the sun angle getting higher (and brighter as a result), but combined with the time change, we’ll see sunsets past 7pm by month’s end!

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