Wintry Mess Arrives Later Today


Our storm is on the move and will bring snow, sleet and freezing rain to the Region beginning this afternoon from south to north. The trickiest time to travel will be this evening through Tuesday morning with lingering snow through late Tuesday.

Our forecast remains unchanged with accumulating snow expected in Lake, Porter, and LaPorte County with some icing in Newton, Jasper, and Starke counties helping to limit snow accumulations south.

We’re still expecting 3-7 inches for our northern counties with the potential for slightly higher amounts in northwestern Lake County with lake enhanced/effect snow Tuesday. A general 1-5 will fall (with a sharp gradient between snow and no-snow) in Newton and Jasper counties through Tuesday.

We’ll be passing along updates throughout the event and will have a Region Weather LIVE broadcast this evening for the latest update. As we’ve been preaching from the start, we’ll be able to handle this one NWI. It’s January 🙂Just be safe!

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