Storm Timeline: Icy Start To 2021

First of all, happy New Year’s Eve everyone! We hope you have a safe and enjoyable night ahead of you. Weatherwise, we’re good this evening. No concerns what-so-ever. Conditions will change as we head into the morning tomorrow.

Winter Weather Advisories have been issued for all of NW Indiana as our next storm system will quickly move in from the south tonight into Friday as we begin 2021. This storm system is attached to the tail end of our last storm and will gather a TON of Gulf moisture and sling it northward into our large area of cold air across the northern tier of the country. This will lead to a large area of freezing rain and ice as the warmer, Gulf air moves in overtop of our cold air already in place.

Here’s the big picture of what this system will look like in terms of precip-types. A mess right?

Well, yes, but we have a good handle on how this will play out locally. Overall this system will be a big rain producer across a large portion of the eastern US. Take a look at the expansive rain where most locations will see in and around an inch of rain in the next 48 hours!

In terms of snow, there won’t be much with this except on the very northern tip of where the moisture meets the cold air aloft:

As we mentioned, this storm will be a big ice-producer, the worst kind of precip. Travel will be impacted beginning tonight to the south and then New Year’s Day across a good portion of the I-70, I-80, and I-90 corridors.

For us here in the Region, we’ll see a decent period of freezing rain and sleet beginning tomorrow morning. If you have travel plans Friday morning, you would be better off waiting until afternoon once we warm a bit. Roads will likely be messy, especially untreated surfaces. By afternoon, we’ll turn just warm enough to turn over to all rain. We’ll then see rain change to snow before the system departs Friday night into early Saturday. Here’s the timeline for NW Indiana:

As always, we’ll continue to pass along updates for you as needed throughout the event. Stay safe and happy New Year everyone!

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