The Week Ahead

Cookies are definitely in the forecast. Heavy snows a week before Christmas are not.

Expect a cold start as you get up and moving Monday morning as a cold front will swing through the Region tonight dropping temps into the 20s. Combined with a decent breeze, we’ll see windchills in the single digits early Monday before easing a bit by afternoon.


The weather pattern is quite active across the US right now with not one, but two decent snowstorms expected this week. For us? Not much.

The first system put down 3-6 inches of snow in Oklahoma and Arkansas and will head towards the east coast Monday. High pressure will build in behind this system and bring us quiet weather Tuesday into Wednesday.

Later in the day Wednesday, the next strong storm system will develop in the Tennessee Valley and head up the east coast. This will likely bring a disruptive snow to the eastern seaboard with the potential for snow in places that just didn’t see it last year including Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston.

This storm will head too far south of us to be of much impact. We could squeeze out a few lake flurries and even a few snow showers to the far southeast, otherwise it will help to keep the cool (to cold) air in place with temps holding in the 30s for much of the week.

In terms of snowfall, the big snows will be south and east this week–a byproduct of a jetstream that took a dive to the south bringing cold air all the way to the Tennessee Valley and mid-Atlantic. The key spot if you want a good snowstorm is to be right on that dividing line between warm and cold…we’re too far entrenched in the cold part this week.

Have a good week everyone! We’ll be here to keep you updated as needed.

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