Windy Weekend Ahead

A strong area of low pressure will breeze through the Region this weekend (much like last weekend) bringing strong winds Saturday and a gradual temp drop on Sunday. We’ll see rain hold off until Saturday night into Sunday as this system works through northern Indiana.

Of biggest concern is the strong wind that will develop Saturday. Winds will become quite gusty by early afternoon on the order of 35-40 mph at times. We’ll also have low relative humidity in place so we’ll see dangerous fire conditions. What does that mean? It’s not a good day to get the burn barrel out, bonfires, etc. You get the idea–but fires can spread very rapidly on days like this so take it seriously! Take a look at the expected wind gusts and how they move through Saturday into Sunday:

Winds will remain gusty Saturday night into Sunday before they ease a bit later in the day. Temps on Sunday will start in the 50s and slowly slip back into the 40s later in the day with on and off showers.

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