October’s Nice Stretch Of Weather Begins

The 3 Day Forecast is brought to you by our local Buckle Store at Southlake Mall where they’re already stocked with cozy, winter clothes. It’s never too early to stock up! Winter is coming…but not yet!

What a stretch of beautiful weather we had in September with a week and a half of sunshine and temps in the 70s and 80s. Now it’s October’s turn, although it’s tough to get quite as warm this time of year.

A large ridge of high pressure will move east across a good portion of the central US. A few storm systems will zip by to our northeast, but they’ll only bring a few high clouds from time to time.

We’ll see temps jump into the 70s the next two days! Thursday will feature a wind shift as a storm system moves through New England. This will help to drag slightly cooler air down into the Great Lakes but we’ll quickly return to the 70s beyond that as another ridge takes hold. Enjoy!

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