Tuesday Trivia Is Back!

(We posted the answer at the bottom of the page)

It’s baaaaack! And we have a new sponsor that actually suggested it! Time to test your local weather skills and we’re going to start with cold weather stats the next few weeks. Post your answer on our Facebook Page found HERE and we’ll update our Tuesday Trivia post with the answer tomorrow morning!

We’re also super excited about our newest partner Revive Superfoods because our family has already been getting smoothies from them for the last year and a half. With 3 kids, these are a game-changer! As a Region Weather follower, they’re giving us 55% off your first order–that’s a lot! Use code WINTZWEATHER at checkout for the discount and there’s no obligation to get any smoothies after that. We get a box once a month and can cancel anytime, but we haven’t in 16 months! We’re confident you’ll love them as well!

Answer: We wanted to give you an easier one to start out–the answers are both B and C–all depends on where you live in the Region. Frost isn’t something that gets measured by weather stations, so it’s not readily available info, but our average first frost is in early October away from the lake and mid October near the lake! We’ve already seen areas of frost with our first cool-snap two weeks ago, but a widespread frost still lies ahead of us this Fall.

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