Hurricane Hanna About To Make Landfall in Texas

Hurricane Hanna is about to make landfall in Texas after developing in the Gulf of Mexico and strengthening over the last few days. This will be the first hurricane to make landfall in the US so far this season. Max sustained winds are expected to be around 85 mph making it a Category 1 hurricane at landfall. hanna The moisture from Hanna is not expected to impact us here in the Region, even indirectly, as the remnants of the system continue to head west and even a bit southwest through the mountains of Mexico.


Flooding rains and a dangerous storm surge are the two main impacts from the system, although the strong winds over the next 24 hours will also cause problems.


It’s already been an active hurricane season and August is the month when it really ramps up. The peak of hurricane season is typically the between September 10-14 when waters are at their warmest after a long summer.

We’ll often see the remnants of tropical systems bring much-needed late summer rains to portions of the Midwest, Ohio Valley and areas of the southern Plains.

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