Strong to Severe Storms Possible Today

Strong to severe storms are possible today with all modes of severe weather possible from strong winds, large hail, and a few tornadoes.

The Storm Prediction Center has northwest Indiana under a slight risk, with a moderate risk just to our west:


An area of low pressure will brush by to our northwest today bringing a warmer and much more humid airmass into the Region. You’ll feel that humidity climb each hour today as our dewpoints head into true summertime categories this afternoon.

Take a look at the influx of humidity:


Remember, dewpoints in the 60s we call humid, dewpoints in the 70s we call oppressive!

This added humidity, combined with a decent amount of wind shear (turning of wind direction or speed as you head up into the sky) will create a decent environment for supercells which could lead to some hail and tornado producing storms today.

Here’s how it might unfold on radar today:


Storms will initial pop in western Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin before rolling east into the Region. We’ll see these coming today as opposed to storms that develop right over us.

There will be plenty of instability to work with as well with atmospheric energy becoming plentiful this afternoon as highs top out near 80 and humidity surges. Here’s a look at that atmospheric energy:


In terms of timing, storms will likely fire very early this afternoon to our west (12pm-2pm) and advance eastward. Our storm threat window looks to be after 3pm into the evening depending on how all this comes together.

We’ll be on top of it today–make sure you’re connected with us!

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