Two Rounds of Storm Today

Showers and storms are on-going across portions of Illinois and will move back into the Region late this morning into the midday timeframe. Not expecting any widepsread severe weather with our morning round, although a storm or two could be on the stronger side.


By this afternoon, we’ll begin to clear out from our midday showers and storms. Depending on the duration of clearing, we will likely be looking at another round of showers and storms late this evening into the night. Some of these storms could be severe, again depending on how much recovery the atmosphere gets this afternoon, with primary threats being damaging winds and heavy rain. Here’s another look at round one leaving and the potential look of round number two:


As always with thunderstorms, we could see some heavy totals from the rainfall depending on where they end up. 1-2 inches of rain is not out of the question through tomorrow morning with locally heavier amounts possible.


We’ll have another update for you later today and will be tracking these storms LIVE on our YouTube page if necessary!

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