Spring-like Strong T’Storms Possible

Spring is here. Well, officially here at 10:50 CT (11:50 ET). Right on cue, we have a strong storm system that will move through the Region bringing some decent downpours and the threat for a few stronger thunderstorms. Let’s dive in.

Our big picture view of how this will unfold looks like this the next 36 hours:


A wave of heavier rain will move back into the Region during the day today. I’m not impressed with our severe weather potential with this area of rain, although we’ll likely hear a few rumbles. This rain will be associated with the warm front that will send our temps into the 60s later today (into the evening and tonight). Temps will hold in the 60s overnight ahead of our cold front!


It’s this period of time, when we’re in the “warm sector” late this evening through the overnight, that I’m expecting our best chance for a few strong storms. While the majority of the severe weather will likely be west of us into Iowa and Illinois, we could see some of these storms roll through overnight in our rather warm, humid atmosphere.

By morning we’ll see the cold front plow through bringing a very sharp change in temps. We could see a final line of downpours before we turn much colder through midday and afternoon. Look at the contrast in temps on both sides of the front!


In terms of rainfall, we could see another .25 to an inch of rain…reserving any higher amounts for locations that see thunderstorms, which are our most efficient of rainfall producers. Rain will clear the Region early Friday and any minor flood threat would exit as well.


This will all set the stage for a much cooler weekend, but the spring-like warmth will return in waves next week as we’d expect!

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