Latest On The Weekend Snowfall Potential

Seeing LOTS of different reports going around on the potential snowfall tonight through the weekend, so we wanted to update you on what THE REGION will see vs Chicago and the western suburbs.

Impressive looking storm isn’t it?


Don’t be fooled. This system isn’t well organized despite it’s look and as we’ve seen so far–this hasn’t been much of a big deal. Despite all of that, we still have a period of potential snow as things turn colder.


The rain has been with us throughout our Friday as expected and will continue on and off (mainly off) this evening into early tonight. By Saturday morning the low will begin to swirl in from the opposite direction as it begins to depart. The result will be colder air aloft (up above us) and a decent wave of moisture looks to accompany this colder air. The result will likely be snow showers that come down at a decent clip in spots Saturday morning.


In terms of accumulations there are two things to note. Some areas, especially in Lake County, stand the best chance at picking up some accumulation. The temps, however, will be at or above freezing, so while road conditions may become briefly slick during any heavier snow showers–the overall impacts will be LOW.

We continue to preach that this will be a sloppy, nuisance-type storm over anything else. Not expecting any major travel impacts from this system Saturday OR Sunday. Look at how the system wraps that snow into the Region with an inch or two possible Saturday, mainly to the northwestern portion of northwest Indiana (say that twice!):


We skimmed over a variety of models and this is the one that we feel most confident in endorsing. Remember, while we may end up seeing 2-3 in spots, some of it will melt with temps in the mid 30s. Others won’t see anything over an inch.


Here’s to hoping this clears up some confusion (if any) on this storm and what it means for us locally. Carry on NWI!

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