Two Meteor Showers In Two Days? Here’s What You Need To Know:

What a treat. Not one, but two meteor showers in two days for our viewing pleasure in northwest Indiana! While neither will be spectacular, you’ll stand a decent chance to get a glimpse of a bright fireball the next two nights. Let’s start with the first.


This peaks TUESDAY night. Typically you have the best viewing during the early morning hours meaning you have to stay up late, etc. Not this one. The Draconid Meteor shower is good for the kids because the best viewing is right around nightfall–just after the sun sets (620-630ish locally). The Draconids are rarely a spectacular shower, but in 1933 and 1946, thousands of meteors were visible per hour…but that’s rare. Expect to wait around a lot with up to 10 per hour possible this year. Still, a good memory-maker with the kids! You’ll want to look away from the moonlight…anywhere in the sky is good.


Next up is the:

This peaks on WEDNESDAY NIGHT and features meteors at about the same frequency as the Draconids…so lots of sitting around. Up to 10 per hour are expected, but the Southern Taurids are famous for their brilliant fireballs–the meteors that really light up the night sky! The problem with this one is that the best viewing takes place after midnight, so this one isn’t great if you enjoy sleep.


Don’t worry, if you miss these two meteor showers we have a full slate of more noteable meteor showers coming up including the Orionids, the Geminids, and the Leonids! We have you covered!

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