From 70s to 30+ Inches Of Snow: Welcome to the Midwest

Residents of the Dakotas are basking in fall sunshine, much like we are today! Temps are in the low 70s and it’s been a nice stretch of weather for them.

Then it will end.

And quickly.

Clouds will increase Wednesday and by Thursday and Friday, a major early season snowstorm will be ramping up bringing strong winds, heavy snow, and temps that struggle to get into the low 30s.


Here’s the latest look of the cold air set to rush into the US over the next few days:


And the resulting system that spins up will bring heavy snows to the upper Midwest. Look at the some of the totals!


The forecast still looks the same for us here in the Region. Likely a line of rain and then cooler, windy conditions Friday into Saturday. Thankfully, this low pressure will linger west of us and then head northeast. If it had a different track we’d be in a much colder airmass–but we’ll settle for highs in the 50s this weekend vs the upper Midwest weather! We’ll keep you updated on this one!

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