Upper Midwest Snowstorm Still Likely This Week

The seasons, they are a-changin’. This was especially noticeable in the northern Rockies last week where upwards of 50 inches of snow fell in portions of Montana. Next up? The northern Plains and upper Midwest.

Let’s take a look at the storm system that will be responsible for the next blast of cold. An area of low pressure will spin up on the front end of a large area of cold air diving south from western Canada. This low pressure will become cut off from the main flow and will slowly spiral its way northeast from Nebraska to Minnesota. On the front side, warm air will lead to a line of showers and gusty storms. On the back edge, an area of moderate to heavy wet snow will develop as cold air meets up with the wrap around moisture. Here’s how it looks on the surface map:europrecip

Notice the large pool of cold that dives southeast with this system. The cold air now looks like it will stall for a day or so in the plains as the low pressure meanders for a time in Minnesota. The core of this cold air will remain in the upper Midwest, but we’ll still see noticeably chillier temps late week into the weekend:eurotemps

Snow still looks likely on the back edge of this storm system as it spins up. Snowfall rates look impressive in spots and models have continued to push the 20-30 inch totals in portions of the Upper Midwest. Happy Fall!


And a look at the GFS model–it seems to agree with the heavy snow although placement is a bit different. It also bring some snow closer to the Region.


And finally, even the Canadian model is hinting at some big upper Midwest snows. It even puts a trace of snow over us here in the Region (which we are not buying at this point). Truly a sign that we’re flipping the switch to a colder and, well, snowier pattern in the US. We’ll keep you updated!


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