EF-2 Tornado Confirmed Near South Bend

A shower quickly developed Sunday evening and moved northeast through St. Joseph County just east of the Region producing not one, but two quick, spin up tornado. The strongest tornado was rated an EF-2 by the National Weather Service with winds estimated between 115-125 mph causing significant damage to the Growing Kids Learning Center on East Ireland Road. (main picture courtesy NWS survey team) The tornado then traveled northeast for a few more minutes before dissipating.

What made the tornado unique was that it formed in a low topped supercell in which the cloud top was less than 18,000 ft and there was no lightning present. It was the result of colliding boundaries between outflow from another shower and a boundary coming off of Lake Michigan from another thunderstorm complex.

Here are the stats from the NWS on the brief, strong tornado:


And the path it took:


A second, much weaker tornado formed shortly thereafter from a separate shower and stayed on the ground for half a mile before lifting. Here are the stats:


And the path:


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