Rainy Pattern Since March, Changes Coming?

We’ve certainly had a rainy spring across the eastern half of the US as we’ve had several, slow-moving weather patterns since March.

A large high pressure off the southeast coastline is who to blame first as it has helped to funnel in Gulf of Mexico moisture. The secondary blame can go to a stalled out frontal boundary that has helped to focus the rain from the southern Plains and into the Midwest and Ohio Valley.

This last week has produced widespread flooding downstate and into the Ohio Valley with record rainfall pushing areas rivers and creeks to their banks:


The resulting rainfall the last 2 months has been impressive as well:


While the rainfall numbers LOOK impressive, how do they stack up compared to average the last 90 days. The map below shows a very large portion of the eastern US dealing with well above average rainfall numbers–on the order of 4-8+ inches in some cases. We are waterlogged to say the least! All of the blue shaded areas are above average:


In terms of the rest of June, we’ll still be dealing with a similar pattern, but the bulk of the rain looks to shift a bit west with a ridge in place. We’ll be dealing with clusters of showers and storms roaming the Plains producing more heavy rain in flood prone farmland. Not good. Here’s the forecasted rainfall through the end of June:


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