Next Storm Up: The Latest On Our Storm System Later This Week

If you remember back to last weekend, we chatted about two storm systems–the one we are dealing with now (the ice and wind and cold moving in) and another storm system models were hinting at later this week.

It looked like an area of low pressure would move right through the Region bringing rain changing to a heavy, wet snow with wind.

Well I have good news if you’re ready for some quieter weather…

The system looks like weaker now–but we’ll still need to keep a close eye on it. Here’s why.

The original thought was that an area of low pressure would develop to our west and roll through the Region as a strong, organized low. It would have plenty of time to tap into Gulf of Mexico moisture and we’d see some sort of heavier rain to heavier snow situation. That thought has changed.

The last few model runs now have the low pressure developing almost directly over us.


The result is a system that doesn’t have much moisture at all until AFTER it moves through NWI:


The result would still be a rather windy storm with a warm up Thursday and cold air moving in Friday, but precip doesn’t look as organized or potent as models were hinting at last weekend.

The GFS is still on board with rain changing to snow Thursday into Friday, but it’s not the noteworthy storm it looked like it would be a few days ago. We still need to keep an eye on this one as it could flip back to a stronger, more organized storm just as quickly as it flipped to a weaker storm!

Beyond that?

Another storm system will slide through somewhere in the area next weekend bringing a strip of snow–right now it appears to be south of us, but as we know, things can change!




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