Meteor Shower Tonight: Here’s The Info

Heads up! Literally. Heading out to walk the dog tonight? Late grocery store visit? Look up! You may just catch a glimpse of a bright meteor zipping across our NW Indiana sky.

Our first meteor shower of the year is in store for us tonight and normally we wouldn’t be talking much about it because January usually brings cloud cover. But not this year! Clear skies will prevail tonight making it ideal for stargazers to head out to a dark spot away from city lights and gaze…

Here’s what you need to know:


It’s also ideal this year because we don’t have a bright moon in the sky as a competing light source. Make sure you get away from city lights and in a wide open view for optimal meteor-gazing…and bundle up. It could be worse this time of year temperature-wise…so we also have that going for us!

Enjoy and if you see anything, feel free to let us know on our FB Page here: Region Weather

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