Tornado Numbers Lowest In Over 13 Years

With summer officially underway, we can close the books on what was a relatively quiet spring in regards to severe weather across the US. A markedly chilly March and April helped suppress any prolonged feeds of Gulf “heat and humidity” and outside of a few wind damage and hail reports–our NW Indiana primary severe weather season was a quiet one.

Here are all the tornado reports through early June with a graph at the bottom showing month-by-month including the most recent tornado report in Newton County on May 27th:



In regards to the most common tornado–the EF-0 and EF-1…numbers were in the average range despite the fact we have much better tornado detection now vs 1954:


As far as strong tornadoes, EF-3 or greater are concerned, numbers are way down this year:


If we’re keeping a running total vs the past 13 years, this is what it would look like:


And in terms of historic maximum and minimum numbers through this week, we have one of the lowest percentiles since we began keeping records:






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