Showers and Storms Return This Evening

Mid 80s yesterday and near 90 today. Wow! This is the product of very dry air…it heats up and cools down quickly and boy did it heat up the last two days! As we know here in NW Indiana, changes are likely to happen in our weather forecast and those changes arrive this evening as a cold front approaches the Region.

We’ll likely see two main batches of showers and storms–the first late this evening and the second as we head into the early morning hours Thursday. Let’s take a look.

We’re still very warm with pop up showers and storms for the evening rush:


We continue with unorganized showers and passing storms through the early evening:


Our first main round of showers and storm will likely arrive late this evening with a wave of heavier rainfall into the overnight:


Looks like we’ll get a bit of a break as rain becomes more scattered during the early morning hours before another round of showers and storms moves through for the morning rush:


We could see a strong storm or two as our atmosphere is a bit charged–but main threat will be heavy rain and some gusty winds with any storms. How much rain?


Don’t get too attached to any specific amounts as models aren’t great at predicting the exact number of raindrops to fall in a square mile…we look for trends. Anywhere from a half inch to perhaps two inches of rain is possible by tomorrow evening.

Speaking of Thursday evening–it looks like we’ll dry out and temps will return to near average for early May as we head into the weekend.


As always, we’ll be here should the weather get rough! Enjoy that smell of rain after near 90 degree warmth!

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