Weather Pattern Deciding To Chill Out For A Bit

After a week and a half of a “storm after storm after storm” weather pattern across the Midwestern US–Mother Nature is deciding to take a few personal days this week before potentially resuming her onslaught of stormy weather a week from now.

In the wake of our storm system that finally moved east, we have cold air. You’ll need to bundle up out the door Monday morning:

Wind Chills Monday Morning

The jetstream, which is the primary driver of all of our weather systems–will begin to head north. As it does, the Polar Air will essentially be cut off from our area and we’ll tap into some Pacific air–which isn’t WARM, but it’s better than what we’ve been dealing with recently.


By next weekend, we’ll tap into some colder air again after some rain on Thursday and a few snow showers on Friday.


All patterns indicate that we’ll become quite mild once again to start the following work week! While it’s still rather far into the crystal ball–that potential warm up may last for a few days instead of these one or two day stints we typically have in February!


Stay tuned for that one! Meanwhile, here’s what the upcoming week looks like here in northwest Indiana:


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