Next Storm Up: Winter Storm Watches Issued

Good Wednesday afternoon everyone! After a hiatus, we’re planning on updating regularly once again in conjunction with our FB page so you’ll be 100% covered should you prefer the website instead of social media! With that being said, we have another storm system to deal with beginning late Thursday and continuing through the day Friday. This one is a bit odd in terms of setup so let’s dive in…

This next snow won’t be the typical area of low pressure that rolls through NWI–it’s snow that will set up along a boundary between polar air to our north and warmer air to our south.


With the two airmasses pushing together and a stalled out frontal boundary in place–snow is expected to develop and literally remain in the same location for a 18-36 hour period of time! The snow is expected to be light to moderate–but bursts of heavier snow within the band cannot be ruled out.

Let’s time it out:

This video doesn’t exist

Snow will overspread the area late Thursday and will continue through the afternoon Friday. The range of accumulation possibilities is from 1 inch to the south to as much as 9 inches in Lake, Porter, and La Porte counties. Looking over all the models, we’ll go with a solid 4-8 from the Borman north, 3-6 for the rest of Lake, Porter, and La Porte counties, and 1-3 elsewhere with a SHARP cutoff at the southern end of this band of snow.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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