It’s No Secret: We Need Rain

While our yearly rainfall numbers (only an inch below average) don’t reflect the brown lawns around NW Indiana, the last 30-90 days have been particularly dry across the Region with no widespread rainfall falling in months! The map below shows the last 30 days worth of rainfall compared to average. The brown colors=below average while the green colors=above average. You can see most of NWI is running 1-3 inches below average with the exception being southern Newton and Jasper counties where thunderstorms put down some good rainfall.

Last 30 Day PrecipIt hasn’t just been a dry August as June and July added to the deficit after a wet spring. Here’s a look at the same map relating to the last 60 days. You can see mainly our lakeshore counties extending up to Chicago have the deficit:

Last 60 Day Precip

And the last 90 days:

Last 90 Day Precip

A big difference from Gary (4 inches below average) to Rensselaer (4 inches above average) in the last 90 days! When we convert it to ACTUAL rainfall amounts, the last 30 days shows only an inch of rain falling in portions of Lake and Porter counties (see map below).

Last 30 Days Rainfall Totals

Meanwhile the last two weeks have been dry for all of the I-80/94 corridor with less than an inch of rain falling compared to over an inch in Newton and Jasper counties. (see map below)Last 2 Weeks Rainfall Total

So the big question is: when do we get some rainfall relief?

Moisture from Harvey looks to pass southeast of us Friday into Saturday, so we can’t count on much if anything from that system. In fact, we settle into another relatively quiet pattern after that with only passing rainfall chances. Here’s a look at the potential rainfall over the next 7 days:

Next 7 Day Rainfall Projection

Our pattern always flips a switch as we end September and begin October. While we’ll likely see passing cold fronts and passing rainfall chances, we may have to wait until October to see some appreciable rainfall around the Region!

We’ll keep you updated!

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