Two More Rounds of Rainfall This Week, Flooding Possible

After a soggy week last week that saw a storm system drop 1-4 inches of rain across eastern Illinois and NW Indiana, we have two more storm systems that look to bring more moderate to heavy rainfall to the Region.

System #1 will arrive Monday bringing a wave or two of decent rainfall to portions of NW Indiana. We may even see a few thunderstorms as this system will bring a brief slug of warmer air with it as it moves northeast.

Here is a look at our temperature forecast the next few days. Notice the slug of mid to upper 60 degree temps that briefly clip our area before cooler air wraps in behind. We’ll see a similar set up on Wednesday:

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Our next system looks rather similar to the first and will bring more rainfall into the area mainly Wednesday. Behind this storm, it turns rather windy and noticeably colder with any leftover showers potentially mixing with some snow Thursday. The cold won’t last very long as it typically has a tough time with that warmer spring sunshine. We’ll be back up into the 50’s late week.

Here’s a look at the timing of our rainfall this week per our in-house Region Weather model:

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Keep that umbrella handy this week–we’ll pass along anything you need to know on Facebook

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