Heavy Lake Snows Possible Overnight, But Not For Everyone…


The lake effect snow machine continues to crank out snow squalls this evening, but in a disorganized fashion. Many locations in eastern Lake and Porter counties have seen heavy snow with quiet conditions moments later. This will be the case over the next few hours before this band of snow looks to become better organized overnight. If the band stays the way it is–in the disorganized state–snowfall amounts will be decent, but greatly reduced compared to what we could see if this band organizes!

Pictured below–while we’re seeing snow squalls, it’s an unorganized band of snow compared to earlier today. This band will need to reorganize to produce heavy totals:


We’re forecasting this snow band to affect mainly eastern Lake County, most all of Porter County, and western LaPorte County overnight. During the morning hours, it should shift into all of LaPorte County before fading midday as high pressure takes control. Our heaviest totals should bulls-eye somewhere in northern Porter or LaPorte County. As far as amounts–many of you will wake up to little if any additional accumulation. For the select few that are located under any parked snow stream tonight–amounts could easily reach 10+ inches. With snowfall rates of 1-3 inches an hour possible under an organized band–some areas could see over a foot. Again–this all relies on an organized snow band. If things don’t come together over the next 4-6 hours, we may much lower totals.

Pictured below–Lake Effect Snow Warnings and Advisories are out in anticipation of heavy lake effect snows:


Of primary concern other than the snow will be the driving wind! Winds will gust over 30 mph at times…and with the snow being a light, fluffy snow–blowing and drifting snow will be likely, especially on east-west roadways. Please be careful if heading out tonight or tomorrow morning!

We’ll continue to track on Facebook!

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